The project is inspired by the father figures in my life. My Dad, Brothers, Father-in-law, and all the other men that have shown me what it is to love, have compassion, and responsibility.
The purpose behind this photo project is to capture the emotions and interaction during a conversation rarely had in the father-son dynamic. While most fathers don't hesitate to speak and show love to daughters, with boys it isn't always the same. It wasn't until I was older, now have a son of my own, that I noticed how this can affect someone's relationship with other males and sons. It has affected friends and acquaintances around me not having that open, emotional, connection. As I grow as a father I also see new Dads reiterate that same cold feeling or lack of openness to their own children. With this project, I hope my generation and future parents know that it is okay to be vulnerable with your kids, to show affection, love, and praise regardless of social constructs that don't keep up in an ever changing world.

- Mani.B